New Dishwasher Up & Running

Peter Stetsko, Allocations Chair with Board President Paul Deighton gives the new dishwasher a try.

Peter Stetsko, Fort William Rotary Club Allocations Committee Chair, with DDI Board President Paul Deighton gives the new dishwasher a try.

Dishwashing has become a little easier at the Dew Drop Inn soup kitchen recently, with the installation of a new dishwashing centre. The DDI had been using a consumer dishwashing unit for the past number of years, but with the increased number of hungry men, women and children visiting the soup kitchen on a daily basis, the process of dishwashing had taken on new challenges.

The new dishwashing centre came with a hefty price tag of $50,000.  To date, a little over half of that has been raised.  Recently, the Fort William Rotary Club donated $15,000 towards the project.  Since 2007, the Fort William Rotary Club has donated a total of $70,000 towards various Dew Drop Inn projects. All proceeds raised from the Fort William Rotary annual house lottery which is ongoing at the moment, are used to fund the various club-supported charities and projects within the community.

The Dew Drop Inn is still looking to raise another $24,000 to help pay for the Dishwashing Centre. Anyone wishing to donate or to learn more about the project may do so by calling our office at 345-5202.