Long Time Dew Drop Inn Director Retires

terris retirement
Bishop Fred Colli presents Terri Favreau with a Certificate of Merit from the Diocese of Thunder Bay
For over 30 years, Terri Favreau has been committed to the Dew Drop Inn…first as a volunteer and for the past 20 years as its Director.
A special retirement celebration was recently held for Terri, attended by the Bishop of Thunder Bay, Fred J. Colli, current and former pastors of St. Andrew’s R.C. Church, and numerous parishioners, family members, friends and Dew Drop Inn volunteers.
Terri began her work with the Dew Drop Inn not long after it was established in 1981 by St. Andrew’s social worker, Sister Roberta Derochie and the St. Vincent de Paul Society, as a parish outreach to address a serious social reality…many people were hungry.
Terri and her husband Don Favreau joined the ranks of the DDI volunteers and later took over as Directors of the north-side soup kitchen. Don passed away in early 2006 and Terri continued on as the Director of the Dew Drop Inn until recently.
Terri’s commitment to the Dew Drop Inn was recognized in numerous comments by various speakers, including Bishop Colli, Mimi Zugic, chair of St. Andrew’s Pastoral Council, Dorothy Bechta of St. Andrew’s Catholic Women’s League and Nikki Burns, past president of the DDI Board of Directors.
“Today the Dew Drop Inn is a solidly established independent charity…” said Burns, “It is no longer dependent on the Parish for its survival. But it would not have lasted long enough to see this success had Terri not been at the helm… It all boils down to one fundamental truth” she added, “ Terri was the glue that held the fabric of the Dew Drop Inn together for over 20 years and St. Andrew’s Parish, the Dew Drop Inn Board of Directors, its volunteers and clients all owe her a resounding thank you.”